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 Baltimore native, Just Danielle has built a music career full of inspiration. Through her ability to effortlessly move through genres, she is able to enter any room and create an atmosphere like no other. Just Danielle is unique among other artists because she shares her life experiences with her audience. It’s through her vulnerability and transparency that her supporters are able to connect with her on a deeper level. Through the years, Danielle has shared both her struggles and triumphs with the world, making a positive impact on those who listen. With 10 years of experience writing and performing, she takes you on a journey like no other. Danielle has gained a reputation for sharing her faith journey in each song, creating an astounding and thought provoking message for all who listen. Despite her music having a timeless element, Just Danielle's lyrics tackle relevant social concerns of today that challenge our faith. Whether it is through her witty metaphors or her plainly stated thoughts, her goal is to inspire and encourage people to grow closer to God. As a Christian artist, Just Danielle has made it her life's mission to express the love, hope, life and redemption found in a relationship with Christ, that is what she is most proud of. Whether it’s conveyed through Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Song Writing or Pure Worship, motivating people to seek out their God given purpose is what she feels like she was born to do.
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